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Senior Parcel Tax Exemption Information


    The Menlo Park City School District offers its senior residents a senior parcel tax exemption from property taxes. To receive the exemption, applications must be submitted to our District. Once granted, exemptions will remain in effect as long as the resident remains eligible. From time to time, those granted exemptions may be asked by the District to verify continued eligibility.


    The requirements to receive the exemption are:

    1. Resident is 65 years or age or older. To qualify for the exemption for the 2017/'18 tax year, resident needs to be 65 years or older as of July 1, 2017.
    2. Resident owns and resides at the property for which the exemption is claimed.
    3. Resident must complete the 2017/18 New Filer Application and mail to the address below prior to June 1, 2017:

      Menlo Park City School District
      Attn: Senior Parcel Tax Exemption
      181 Encinal Avenue
      Atherton, CA 94027
    NOTE: Owner-occupants residing on more than one contiguous parcel are encouraged to contact the MPCSD to request exemption for the additional parcels


    Contact Info:
    Email: seniorexemption@mpcsd.org

    Phone: (650) 321-7140 and listen to the prompts for “senior parcel tax exemption.”

    For other questions regarding your San Mateo County Property Tax Bill:

    contact the County of San Mateo Treasurer-Tax Collectors office: (650) 363-4142



  • Do I need to apply every year?

    No.  Exemptions already granted by the District will remain in effect as long as the taxpayer is eligible.  The District will send exempt taxpayers a letter confirming the exemption on a yearly basis. If you are newly eligible for the tax, you will need to apply with the District before the tax year begins.

    Why am I being asked to verify my eligibility if I only have to apply once?

    There are many changes in property ownership or residency that can occur.   While an exemption is granted based on a one-time application, it only remains in effect as long as the taxpayer is eligible for the exemption.  Each year the District will randomly select a small number of exempt taxpayers to verify their continued eligibility for the exemption.  

    What is the deadline to apply for the exemption?

    The deadline to apply is June 1st to receive the exemption on the upcoming San Mateo County property tax bill.

    How will I know that I have received the parcel tax exemption?

    When you receive your property tax bill from the San Mateo County Tax Collector’s office in the Fall, the District’s parcel tax charge will not appear at all. Typically on a regular property tax bill, it appears “MPESD Comb Meas Sp Tax.”  In subsequent years, you will receive a letter from the District confirming your exemption.

    I do see a Menlo Park “Menlo Park EL 2005” charge under General Taxes. What is that?

    Those are charges related to Bonds and there are no exemptions for those charges.

    Who do I contact for more questions regarding this exemption?

    Inquiries can be emailed to: seniorexemption@mpcsd.orgOr, you can call: 650-321-7140 and listen to the prompts for senior parcel tax exemption

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